The First Thing

In a few months, Meghan Markle will marry into the British royal family. Whether you love or loathe the most popular monarchy in the world, this marriage is significant. Do you think that Meghan still thinks of herself as a divorcee? Do you think she acts like someone who had a failed marriage? No. She thinks of herself as duchess so and so. She’s even perfected the royal wave. Meghan Markle didn’t wait until the wedding to start thinking and acting like a royal.

Let’s talk about you. How are you thinking? Are you thinking like who you were or are you thinking and acting like who you want to become?

I know that life is busy. There are distractions. But you have 100% control over your thoughts. Your actions will follow your thoughts.

Let’s assume that you want to travel to Africa next year. It’s been a goal for several years. Are you thinking and acting like someone who is going to Africa in 12 months? Do you have a passport? Have you researched what immunizations you’ll need? Do you know what countries you’ll visit?

Are you just talking about your goals or are you thinking like the person who will achieve those goals?

Let’s use another example. You’re single and you want to get married. Do you constantly complain about the opposite sex? Do you watch TV shows that disparage the institution of marriage? Do you spend time with women who hate men or men who refer to women as female dogs?

Ask yourself if your thoughts and actions are consistent with what you want to achieve.
If the answer is no, you can instantly change your thoughts, and your actions will follow.

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