I attended a ladies’ conference where I heard Connie speak. Wow! She wasn’t just amazing to me. But it seemed like just about everyone that heard her that day left talking about her. She was a perfect blend of funny and professionalism.  I was blessed by Connie and I know anyone who hears her will be too.

Esther Dilbert

You are such an inspiration to others. Because of you, I’m still working in the field in which I’m passionate about. Your encouragement made all the difference 14 years ago. I’ll never forget your words, “You need to do what’s best for Debby.” I went back to school, got my masters and have been employed as a school counselor for past 11 years. Thank you, thank you. Thank you!


Connie presents a very needed challenge to Christians, business professionals, and anyone in need of motivation to make inroads towards achieving the potential that God has placed within you. She delivers her message with inspirational clarity and heartwarming humor!

Karla McKinney

Connie Clay is a hilarious lady whose stories drive home serious points. Her words encourage and inspire like few I have ever heard. She makes you believe you can do whatever God has called you to do. It was a privilege to hear and get to know her.

Stephanie McCall

It is as if I am talking to a friend who listens, empathizes and gives helpful advice. Reading Quit Skinny! even for a few minutes, has given me much-needed direction, affirmation, and encouragement in my journey.


The power of the wounded healer rings exceptionally true in reading Quit Skinny.  Delivering sound advice from both personal experiences and observations combined with meticulous research, the wealth of information is easily applied to our daily living.  I immediately connected with the genuine, firsthand personal accounts of Ms. Clay’s wellness plan.  Her honesty motivated me to strive towards my own wellness and thanks to her motto, “I’ve tried it all but you don’t have to.”

Denise Murray Wong

Connie candidly shares her failures and successes, outlining a simple and effective program which cuts through the chaos and gives you hope. She is a genuine friend and coach. Connie is a real person, a mentor whose honesty reaches through the pages to touch deeply the hearts and minds of her readers. She allows her failures, and the wisdom gained, to serve countless others.

Melanie Davis

Connie was a very warm and engaging speaker at our pageant contestant development workshop. We especially appreciated her pointed message of positivity, which was tailored specifically for teenage girls and the societal issues that they face today. She not only helped them identify areas of potential challenge, but she also left them with practical tools to balance, edify and uplift themselves as they grow and develop into successful women.

Ingrid I. Bethel, JD

Connie, the nuggets you shared at the Making of a Woman event were transformational.  Continue to share the wisdom God has given you.

Dr. Tyrinda Dixon, Soul Winners Connection

There is absolutely no disconnect when speaking.  Connie connects to every woman. We are not alone as she shares her own experiences.

Jo Ann Bonsell

Ms. Connie Clay is a dedicated and directed woman of God who has a unique perspective and outlook on spiritual and real life issues.  Her many faceted outreach to others has enriched and enhanced many lives.

Rev. Roger Williams, J.D., M.Th.

Ms. Clay has an ability to draw in an audience with her brilliant smile. She has a knack of storytelling with a wonderful sense of humor. I listened with anticipation and a sense of amusement.

Marcia E. R. Sutherland