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3 Things to Stop Doing

Would you like to have a completely free day? How would it feel to wake up one morning with no agenda? Just you and a loved one or you and a great book. What about you and a peaceful drive to the beach or the park? You dream of having that kind of time, but…

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When the Boss is a Bully

Have you ever had a boss who micromanages your work? What about one who asks if your college gave away degrees? Do you now have a boss who goes out of her way to make you miserable? Unfortunately, everyone who has the title of supervisor or manager is not a leader. Teddy Roosevelt said that,…

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How to End a Toxic Relationship

According to Dr. Phil, “The only thing worse than being in a bad relationship for a year is being in it for a year and a day.” I asked my Facebook friends to tell me what a toxic relationship is. Here are some quotes. “One that will make you sick.” “One that diminishes and devalues…

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