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In the spring of 1990, I had closed on my first home. I was scheduled to move in a few days, and I had no money. I had spent every dollar that I made to get into the 1,000 square foot duplex. I mentioned to a coworker that I wasn’t sure how I would buy…

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Fired, Part 3

I hired my first coach on New Year’s Day 2013. Although we did not have much in common, her advice, prodding and calling me out helped me to get focused and lose over 30 pounds and write a book. Convinced that I could make great progress on my own, I ended our coaching relationship in…

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Fired, Part 2

In August 2001, I was fired. I had been at the job for two months, and I was miserable. But, I was the single mother of two children, and I had a new home under construction. I couldn’t quit. After learning that my services were no longer required, I told the executive director that I…

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