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Why I Took a Solo Cruise

We are called the “Squeeze Generation.”  We are the younger baby boomers who have children at home and also have the responsibility of providing care for aging loved ones.  In early December, the responsibility of caregiving, parenting, working full time and building a business became emotionally overwhelming.  On a whim, I researched taking a solo…

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Why Learn a Second Language?

“If you’re tri-lingual, you speak three languages.  If you’re bilingual, you speak two languages.  If you speak one language, you’re American.”  I don’t remember where I heard this statement, but it seems to be true for millions of Americans.  When I went to Jamaica, the staff at the resort spoke English and patois.  Most of…

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Three More Ways to Reach Your 2015 Goals

In an earlier post, I gave you three ways to kick start your goals for 2015.  You need to establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound) goals.  Write down your goals in long-hand at least once a day, and turn your written goals into positive affirmations that you recite at least twice a…

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